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Students Applying Economics Through Campus Place-Based Learning

By MATTHEW METZGAR Introduction Place-based learning is a pedagogy where the local community and built environment are used as vehicles for learning. In previous semesters, the author has utilized place-based learning by connecting business and economics students with local businesses. … Continue reading

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The Table of Knowledge: A Place for Empowerment

By DR. JILL M. KLEFSTAD The success and sustainability of our work as educators includes finding ways to connect and work together. Higher education typically consists of silos housed within departments, colleges, and schools, across the campus. Although encouraged to … Continue reading

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Lives Changed and Lessons Learned

By BETH MASSARO and LOU ANN ROMERO After Hurricane Harvey landed in Texas, students and staff from New Mexico Highlands University traveled to Rockport Texas in Aransas County the last week of September to serve as volunteers in the disaster … Continue reading

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The Blame Game and Lousy Learning Outcomes for Our Students

By BOB SORNSON Can we find someone to blame for the sorry state of public education in America? For years we have played the Blame Game, looking for someone to blame for our lousy state and national educational performance. During … Continue reading

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Student Leadership Development and Community Engagement

by Beth J. VanDerveer, PhD, Associate Professor, Coordinator Recreation Studies Program/Gerontology Certificate Programs, Ohio University During National Library Week, “Celebrate Reading,” a collaborative partnership with students in a Recreation Leadership course and faculty at Ohio University, Ohio University- Friends of … Continue reading

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Mapping McCabe: Connecting Curriculum and Community Through Environmental Education

BY SUSIE DENEHY and DAVID SOBEL The Reintroduction of Students into the Landscape Dorothy McCabe, thin, strong and well-preserved as a cedar post, had us captivated with her stories. We sat in the parlor of her old home twelve years … Continue reading

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Brainless Sameness, A Bold New Book from Bob Sornson

Our colleague and veteran educator Bob Sornson’s new book is entitled Brainless Sameness and it’s ready to ship. It’s at the Pre-order stage on Amazon and ready-to-order on Rowman.com. We would love for you to check it out Bob’s new … Continue reading

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The Little Things: Uncovering Identity on Campus through Dress and Adornment—A Case Study of a Class Exhibition Project

By CARRIE HERTZ Carrie Hertz is the Curator of Textiles and Costume at the Museum of International Folk Art. From 2011 to 2014, she served as Curator of Folk Arts at the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University. She earned her … Continue reading

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You Can’t Go Back

Veteran educator Anne Tewksbury-Frey talks about her experience with Community Works Institute and the larger and very immediate context of students involved in Place Based Service-Learning. Once you’ve experienced this type of learning environment, “you can’t turn back” to business … Continue reading

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Why Register Early? (Because We Have Scholarship Support)

Join us at CWI’s 2019 Institute, in Burlington, Vermont or Los Angeles. Connect your academic and social goals with compelling student centered and community focused projects that deepen skills and learning. Teaching for Empathy CWI Institutes are about connecting academic … Continue reading

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