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Community Works Institute (CWI) provides resources, professional development, and collaboration opportunities for educators. Our focus is on place based education, service learning, and sustainability.

Standardized Delivery of Instruction Lacks Meaningful Assessment and Endangers Our Children

By BOB SORNSON Digital game designers do not use end of unit assessments and they don’t give grades. Instead, assessment is embedded into every moment of the game. The level of difficulty in a game is increased only when the … Continue reading

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Global Citizens: What Schools Need to Do Now

Saidy Godette, a teacher at Georgetown International School and alum of Community Works Institute (CWI) is very clear what our students need to experience in school to think like and become global citizens. learn more:

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Communities Without Limits: Ambiguity, Uncertainty and Questions

By MARK SONNEMANN When I began my Master’s degree in English Literature back in the mid-90’s, all of us had to take a compulsory course in Literary Criticism. It scared the heck out of most of us; the professor was … Continue reading

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If You Want to Learn the Pipes, You Will Need a Great Teacher

By STUART GRAUER It was the greatest drought in forty years and we were concerned the emerald isle would be brown, but we were keeping quiet about it. I had a teacher’s scholarship to study Irish culture at the esteemed … Continue reading

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K-16 PD Trainings with Passion at the Core

#TeachwithPassion Bring a CWI Faculty Training and Planning event to your school. We meet schools exactly where they are. Customized trainings, presentations, and guided planning sessions that integrate your school’s own unique needs and resources. learn more:

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Learning from a Failed Community-University Research Project

By RASHEDA L. WEAVER, Ph.D. In recent years, there has been a growth in the number of university-based graduate programs that aim to provide students with “practical research experience” through enrolling them in experiential education courses that connect them to … Continue reading

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Stop Reinforcing the Status Quo, Inside or Outside Academia

By IRENE SANCHEZ, Ph.D. The ivory tower as a whole doesn’t uplift anything, but those who reinforce it. It reinforces existing power. The status quo. A lot of folks within it do too. A lot of people who preach social … Continue reading

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What If Early Childhood Professionals Pushed Back?

By RAE PICA Last week I wrote about the uphill battle of advocating for children — especially around the topic of play. But, as you know, our battles these days concern not just play, but also developmentally appropriate practice in general! Sad … Continue reading

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EVERY TEACHER CAN BE A NATURAL TEACHER: 10 Ways You Can Add Vitamin “N” to the Classroom & Beyond

By RICHARD LOUV Not long ago I met some dedicated young women who were doing their student teaching at an impressive nature-based preschool. They made it clear that they’d love to pursue careers at similar schools. But they were discouraged … Continue reading

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The Climate Change Battle Needs Youth Voices

By KELLI GRABOWSKI Participants of the 2018 Western New York Youth Climate Action Summit gather around a banner they created by stamping their footprint and signing their name, pledging that “The oceans are rising, and so are we! “Climate change is … Continue reading

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