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CWI Provides SITE BASED Support for Local Schools and Organizations
We work with schools and community organizations—on-site at their locations across the U.S. and internationally. We believe that global citizenship starts at home, and that to serve our local communities we need to understand our community. The process of exploring and understanding the local community is rich with student learning opportunties. We help schools with that process.

CWI’s work with teachers, schools, and organizations places particular emphasis on service-learning, place based education, and sustainability. Our outreach work is led by Joe Brooks, a veteran teacher practioner, international leader-advocate in the field, and our principal training and support educator. testimonials

joe brooksJoe facilitates site based workshops, training retreats, and local Institutes in a multitude of diverse settings. Working closely with teachers and schools, Joe channels his extensive experience and personal passion for place based service-learning and local learning partnerships into a doable process that impassions teachers and helps schools succeed in their vision and planning. email joe

Our efforts with local schools include working with them on the ground to help identify, prioritize, and connect with local needs and opportunities. We help schools develop curriculum and teaching practices that connect K-16 students to their own community. Since 1995, we’ve worked closely with thousands of educators from nearly every context and geography, public and independent—from urban Manhattan and Los Angeles, to rural Mississippi and Vermont, and from Warsaw to Korea. testimonials

Contact us by email or phone (909.480.3966) for a consultation on your school and community’s context and needs.

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Community Works Institute (CWI) provides resources, professional development, and collaboration opportunities for educators. Our focus is on place based education, service learning, and sustainability.
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