CommonLore—Building Empathy One Student at a Time

CommonLore—We’re Building Empathy One Student at a Time, by connecting students to the people of their communities. learn more:

CommonLore is a powerful place based service-learning and ethnography focused training and support program for K-16 educators. We begin with the belief that we must increase the “commons” in our communities—spaces for dialogue, understanding, empathy, and authentic compassion. Our initial teacher pilot projects are in Los Angeles and Vermont, along with other locations around the U.S. CommonLore provides teachers in local schools with training, inspiration, and hands-on peer collaboration. Our goal is to create and support student driven inquiry projects that bring local communities together. CommonLore projects begin with larger questions. Who makes up our community? What are our stories? How do our stories define us? Why are stories about ourselves and our community so important? Which stories lead to human growth, resilience, and justice? Where should we begin? Find out how we can support your own local work.
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Community Works Institute (CWI) provides resources, professional development, and collaboration opportunities for educators. Our focus is on place based education, service learning, and sustainability.
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