Educators Finding Power in Collaboration and Mutual Support


With CWI’s annual Summer Institutes on Service-Learning and Sustainability now well into their third decade, we’ve been privileged to share the work with educators from an incredibly diverse set of experiences and backgrounds.

Most teachers or administrators can’t afford the “luxury” of networking with peers if real planning is not taking place. CWI’s Summer Institutes provide a way for both needs to be accomplished in a powerful design lab atmosphere. In the words of Abbie Andrews, a CWI alum and French teacher from New Hampshire, “The Institute reaffirmed my hope that there really are people and organizations out there that are not simply idealistically chipping away at insurmountable challenges to “save the world; they are methodically, carefully, thoughtfully planning and implementing ways that our communities and environments can survive and sustain. It wasn’t just ideas, it was action.”

We’ve all struggled sometimes to bring tight focus and real action to our pedagogical beliefs and goals—goals that in the right setting ring clear as a bell but are often infinitely harder to work out back “home” when reality sets in at our respective schools. We do our best work when we have the power of supportive colleagues to amplify and ground the significance of what we truly wish to be about as educators. And we do our best thinking, learning, and planning work when we are collectively focused on creating a plan of action that actually works—surrounded by colleagues who share our vision and are ready to help us put our vision into practice. That, in essence is what CWI’s Summer Institutes are all about. The Summer Institutes represent a unique opportunity to create real and powerful projects, programs, and curriculum in a safe and supportive atmosphere of supportive colleagues. Colleagues with experience who are equally invested in our success—real projects that work in the real world that we teach in, this is what we are collectively about.

After three decades now, we also know that there are a vast number of educators out there who want and need to be connected to something larger than themselves and know that this will invaluably support their work with students. Join us this summer, in Los Angeles or Vermont. Your colleagues are waiting for you. learn moreregister now

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