LA RiverLore Does Community Ethnography

RiverLore comes alive! We recently had the privilege to work with Paul Lowe and his amazing 4th-grade students at MacArthur Park Elementary. Using “Community Ethnography”, students explored their neighborhood, interviewing local residents, business owners, and recording the process with digital cameras. Our longer term goal is to help provide a portrait of the exceptional and culturally rich community that makes up the Westlake—MacArthur Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. The density of this neighborhood rivals that of Manhattan and is made up of many recently arrived immigrant families. A recent report estimates 147 people per acre in Westlake, four times the average density of Manhattan.

LA RiverLore is an exciting new program of Community Works Institute (CWI), focused on providing innovative and professional development for educators in the greater Los Angeles area. Our work through RiverLore involves connecting students to their local neighborhoods through community inquiry and academically focused service-learning and place based education

Place Based Service-Learning provides a unique opportunity to make a complete shift in our educational paradigm, at a time when we clearly need to strengthen the connective fiber of our communities. RiverLore is working with classroom teachers and community educators to help build shared common cause while promoting a sense of self-efficacy among our students.

LA RiverLore Students interview a local street vendor in MacArthur Park.

We are currently recruiting educators for our 2017 RiverLore Cohort. Partial scholarships are available on a need basis. Contact us by email for details

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