Star Wars Civilization and Stone Age Emotions

Star Wars Civilization & Stone Age Emotions

strikeThat’s who we are … We could very well be a developing country.

Take a look: we are all getting our new credit cards with computer chips, something that has been long in coming. Have you tried using your card, though? I routinely walk to a counter, see the chip-enabled card reader, and when I go to use it, I’m met with this halting remark by the cashier (that we have cashiers, still, is another matter): “Wait. No. It doesn’t work. Please slide your card instead.” What? In Chicago — this the 21st Century in the U.S. , mind you — teachers may go on strike because they have been working without a contract. Hell, there may not be enough money to pay them. read entire essay

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Joe is a veteran educator and founder and director of Community Works Institute (CWI). Over the past three decades, Joe has worked with and supported diverse students K-16. Joe is an internationally recognized expert, advocate, professional development leader for place based service-learning and sustainability.
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