Teaching Students to Leave a Legacy

Teaching Students to Leave a Legacy
Steve BuzzellSteve Buzzell and his teaching partner Jeff Grogan are 7th grade teachers at Stowe Middle School in Vermont. They spent a week together at CWI’s Summer Institute on Service-Learning.

In looking back over my notes, and reflecting on the week with Community Works Institute I am amazed at how much we have gone over. This Institute will definitely change what and how I teach, so right there it was worth it!  Looking at my social studies “units” through the sustainability lens is definitely exciting. CWI’s Summer Institute definitely tied into, and reinforced, what I learned in the Placed Based Education class I took earlier in the summer.

The Institute helped clarify for me the difference between Community Service and Service-Learning. I learned that Service-Learning is really a teaching strategy that combines academics and social education to meet a community’s needs, and that a truly good project will improve the quality of life for all—both current and future generations. That’s really cool! Teaching the kids to leave a legacy. read entire article

About Joe Brooks

Joe is a veteran educator and founder and director of Community Works Institute (CWI). Over the past three decades, Joe has worked with and supported diverse students K-16. Joe is an internationally recognized expert, advocate, professional development leader for place based service-learning and sustainability.
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