Education through Restoration

Education through Restoration:
Creating Meaningful Service-Learning Projects in the Parks


pittsburgh parksMarijke Hecht is the Director of Education at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. She and her team of educators spent a week with CWI working on development of the new Environmental Center at Frick Park.

I love breakfast meetings. First off, there is breakfast. Plus I am a morning person so I’m freshest and most engaged for these early morning gatherings. A couple of days ago I found myself at a breakfast meeting sitting next to a woman who works with youth through the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. I had just returned from a week-long training on service-learning with Community Works Institute (CWI) so when she mentioned that her kids need to perform community service and asked if there was anything they could do in the parks my answer was a resounding “Yes!” – but with a twist. I said we had lots of opportunities for youth service projects in the parks, but that we aim to have our programs go beyond service to service-learning. She was clutching her coffee (not a morning person, perhaps) and looked at me with a quizzical what’s the difference? expression. read entire article

About Joe Brooks

Joe is a veteran educator and founder and director of Community Works Institute (CWI). Over the past three decades, Joe has worked with and supported diverse students K-16. Joe is an internationally recognized expert, advocate, professional development leader for place based service-learning and sustainability.
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