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Socrates believed that the most important form of knowledge is about “how best to live.” Socrates talks about “definitional knowledge”; that is, how we define words and concepts, diving deeply into what holds our definitions together, their lifeblood. His belief in wisdom and goodness is derived from human logic and natural skepticism—what we say we want to teach, the entry level, intellectually, to citizenry. Any person who knows what goodness and truth are will live that way. It is his ignorance of goodness and truth—even the rejection of it for self-gain—that prevent him from being a wise and honest man.

The essence towards which we thus move has to be empathy, sensually perceived. Empathy is a natural condition of evolution; it’s essential, though if we look around, today, this concept may be difficult to comprehend. Nevertheless, empathy is necessary—or should we say, the essence of a civilization’s survivalability. read entire essay

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